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Our children's range is very effective, yet also very gentle. Thousands of customers have used our products over many years with no adverse effects.

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We offer a free alopecia report service, which goes into great details about some of the most common causes of alopecia. Click here to download these reports.

Children's Alopecia Problems

As a parent of a child suffering from alopecia, we know it is very worrying for you: Your aim is to bring the problem under control as soon as possible. You also want to deal with someone that has a good deal of experience with this problem.

The good news is that you have come to the right website: we have many years experience treating all forms of children's alopecia. So we can give you a better understanding of the problem, plus guidance on the fastest way to solve it.

What is alopecia

Put simply, the immune system gets confused and attacks the hair follicle by mistake. This is termed an auto-immune disease.

Why does it happen ?

Many parents try to work out exactly what triggered the problem, as if they are somehow responsible. The reality is that there isn't anyone in the world that can tell you exactly why the immune system goes wrong in this manner. From the tens of thousands of families that we have spoken to, some common areas emerge which will be explained later. However our treatment is always the same irrespective of the cause and needs to be started as soon as possible.

Can alopecia spread ?

It is important that you are aware that in some children these patches of alopecia can go away all on their own. However in other children they can also spread to other areas including the eyebrows and eye lashes if not treated.

There is currently no way of knowing which course the alopecia is going to take and hence we suggest using Calosol sooner rather than later, to head off the possibility of it spreading.

If the patches are stable, it usually takes around three months to start reversing with Calosol. Larger areas or long standing problems can take much longer. Initially baby fine colourless hair is seen which regains its colour and strength over time.

The following are examples of a few of the children we have helped. Click on the pictures for further information about each case.

Alopecia Areata
Alopecia Totalis
Alopecia Universalis
alopecia areata in children alopecia totalis in children alopecia in children
children with alopecia childre hair loss child alopecia
Click the pictures above for the full case history

Value packs of the product are available and typically last 3 - 6 months. A child with one or two small patches will find the product lasts longer than for a child with complete hair loss. Order today!

We view alopecia as a genetic weak link in a chain. The child has a genetic propensity to the disease, but something triggers that weakness. Stress is commonly sited as the trigger, yet it is impossible to ensure that a child is never stressed.

Illness or vaccination are also sited as the trigger. Yet not all children lose their hair when they are ill or immunized. We therefore feel that the focus should be on trying to solve the problem and not on trying to work out the cause.

So exactly what is Calosol and how does it work?

childrens hairloss calosol  treatmentThe developer of Calosol personally had alopecia which conventional treatments made worse, so he looked to a more gentle natural solution.

Having reversed his own problem, he had a nagging doubt: would it have reversed on its own without Calosol?. He therefore offered the product to very long standing cases, which according to medical literature were extremely unlikely to reverse. When these recovered he knew that the plant extracts were helping the immune system correct the error of its ways.

Within time the media began to write about Calosol and today we have thousands of customers all around the world. Order today!